anetaradon illustration is simple

for my part, i am good at this color and shape thing,
illustrator and vectors, soft pencils and wax pastels, 
this intent-impact-stuff. i draw and i design. 
i like drawing and designing for others. for you.
preferably in luscious colors and with distinct lines. 
life is short, i draw turkey.

and then there is the other part. you.

you have an idea, a project, a text
but there is no image, no design, nothing visual. yet.
you may be looking for something...
something like
a graphic mark for your very special business
an illustration for the article, an explication, an exhilaration
a business card that steals an extra moment before being shuffled away
a big poster, a market crier, mass alluring
a sensitive project requiring a delicate touch

let's work together! we’ll help people get the picture.

(by the way, i am also a project manager, a grammar enthusiast,
a standardisation expert, an INTJ, a mother, an exile resident of stockholm,
a multilinguist and a bacheloress in businessadministrationandmarketing. 
just to let you know.)

use the contact page to get in touch